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Temple  Spring /Summer  Timings 

​​​Annadanam - feeding the poor

For the last thirty years, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Pittsburgh, has been conducting annadanam in India.  The Temple has supplied tens of thousands of free meals each year to the needy.  This year, the Temple hopes to supply 50,000 free meals in rural India.  These are delicious, nutritious meals provided to local villagers, many of whom are elderly, young, or otherwise unable to always procure enough food.  A typical meal consists of a large helping of rice, dahl, a vegetable dish, and a sweet.  Everyone is served until they are satisfied! We kindly ask your donation of any amount to help the needy (Click on the links below to sponsor).

$21             $54             $108           $504        Other 

Up Coming Events of April  -CALENDAR OF EVENTS - April  2016

              April  8th - CHAITRAM 


Apr 25 Monday  Chaitra Krishna (Sankatahara) Chaturthi

                        10.00 am Ganapathi Abhishekam

                        11.00 am Ganapathi Homam

                        06.30 pm GA kara Sahasram




09.30 am -Mahalakshmi Abhishekam
                                11.00 pm -Mahalakshmi Homam
                                       Sponsorship of  Day puja
                                  Sri Maha Lakshmi Kumkumarchana
                                                  Sri Maha Lakshmi Archana

     ​Thursday                                                9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Daily Arathi Timings 
Morning|Kakad Aarati - 9:00 am
Noon | Madhyan Aarati - 12:00 noon
Evening | Dhoop Aarati - 5:30 pm
Night | Sej Aarati - 7:30 pm / 8.00 pm 

Friday           06.00 pm    Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana 

Saturday       06.00 pm    11 times Hanumanchalisa Parayana 

Sunday         09.30 am     Sri Subha Drishti Ganapathi Abhishekam   
                     11.00 am     11 times Aditya Hrudaya Parayana

Vedic Classes - Kids and adults 
5.30 pm - 6.00 pm  -  Kids ( Gayatri Japam , Suktas and Slokas)
 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm  - adults -  Rudram ( Namaka & Chamaka) Suktas

9.00 am to 8.30 pm

​​Happy  UGADI  to all - May you have a wonderful  and prosperous New year.   Sairam !

Celebration of Ugâdi/Mesha Sankramana at Home -

 It is advisable to take abhyangana snâna (oil bath) in the early hours, and offer the daily prayers.

   PANCHANGA SRAVANAM    -    The Cabinet & Portfolios for 2015-2016                 

1.King-Venus(Sukra); 2. Prime minister-Mercury (Budha) 3. Commander general of army - Mercury (Budha); 4. Controller of nourishment - Moon

5.Controller of clouds -Mercury (Budha); 6.Controller of  water -Mercury (Budha); 7.Controller  of  Harvest & Grains - Venus(Sukra); 8.Controller of  Rasadhipati(ghee,jaggary,honey) - Moon 9.Controller of weaknesses & Harvest - Saturn.

Out 9 plants 7 are good 2 are benign

General  Predictions of  Durmukhi (2016-17): Women will take high place in politics. Rains will fall  in the right time. Cow’s will be protected. RUDRA is the adipathi of the year. Rudrabhishekam & homas are suggested.

Out of 20 parts of rain, 8 parts are on ocean, 9 parts are on mountains, 3 part on plain land.

According to Baarhaspatya maana(Based on rotation of Jupiter) the name of the year is  Sowmya.

Solar Eclipses: Sep 1st - Not visible in USA.                                                                                            Lunar Eclipses:Aug 18th,Sep16th-Not visible in USA.

PUSHKARA: On 12th - 23rd  August , Krishna Pushkaram takes place during the transit of Bruhaspati (Jupiter) into Kanya Rasi (Virgo Zodiac Sign). It  auspicious to take bath in the Krishna River (Pushkara Snanam) during this time. Devotees gather here to take a dip in the Krishna River which is considered sacred by the Hindus. Various pujas and rituals are performed. Tarpanam will be offered to forefathers.

How To make  Yugadi Pachadi? Neem flower chutney is part of the Ugâdi feast. The traditional recipe includes jaggery, neem flowers, tamarind paste, bananas, sugarcane pieces, mango pieces.  The recipe connotes that life is a combination of all tastes: good, bad, sour, bitter and sweet! Offer Pushpanjali to Sun. Then eat the ugadi chutney before coffee or tea. This is termed as Nimbakusuma Bhakshanam.The Sastra declares that eating  chutney enhances longevity, balances the negative effect of planets and provides prosperity. The chutney will be availble in the temple all day on Thursday Apr 7th, 2016.

​​​​New Timings and Program -  Ugadi (New Year)  2016

Temple Timings : Spring & Summer  : Saturday  - Wednesday - 9 am -  8.30 pm 
                            Fall & Winter         :  Saturday - Wednesday  - 9 am - 7.30 pm
                                                              Thursday - 9 am - 9 pm 

New Arathi Timings :(Sandya Arathi)  Evening Arathi -  5.30 pm ( From 6.00 pm)

                Thursday Bhajans - 6.30 pm (from 7.00 pm)   

                Sej Arathi  - 7.30 pm (from 8.00 pm)