shirdi sai baba temple pittsburgh, pa



Our Priests are very well trained in Smartha tradition and have experience  in performing rituals.

Come to temple or  call at 412-374-9244 to schedule  

List will provided after office schedules the  puja and assign the  priest.   

Reservations are made on a "FIRST PAID BASIS".

In any unavoidable circumstance temple will re schedule the puja once only.

All services  listed here apply to services  provided by the priest's reasonable time including  travel  time.   

Payments for services are payable to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

Payments types are check, cash, credit cards, or Company matching program. Please ask for a tax receipt for your records.

Dakshinas are not proceeds of  Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Inc. and hence, it may not be eligible for tax deduction under IRS rules. 

Priest provides list of supplies to arrange for performing rituals. Sponsors shall supply all items requested by the priests. 

All services are by appointments only. Please call temple office at 412-374-9244 for details regarding appointments.

For the services not listed above contact temple office.

For outside services, it is customary to give the Priest Dakshina - 20% of Dashina / Sambhavan is suggested.  If the priest drives his own car to the site of services $10 reimburse travel/mileage costs is suggested. if it is above 15 miles  travel  mileage charges apply at .$50 cents /mile to be paid directly to the priest if more than 15 miles from the temple.  

Jai sairam!