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Magha Sukla Sapthami - Ratha Sapthami
 Surya Jayanthi
Thursday February 18th, 2021

Ratha Saptami is known as Surya Jayanthi, the birth of  Surya to sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi.(the Sungod’s birthday). For good health it is adviced to perform Ratha Saptami pooja (worship) with reverence, to rid of his past sins. It is also said that sage Bheeshma took his last breath on the fourth day after the Rathasaptami day on Ekadasi,, therefore known as Bheeshma Ekadasi.


  Special  prayers are offered to the Sun god on this occasion:  Adityahridayam, Surya Gayathri, Suryashtakam, Surya Sahasram namam. The preferred time for the pooja  is within one hour after sunrise. 

Paravannam(sweet rice pudding) is offered as nayvedyam.


                          Magha Sukla Saptami/  Krittika deepam
                                                         Ratha Sapthami    


                                   Full Sponsorship   $154
                                              Surya  Homam                      $54    

                                              Surya  Sahasram                  $36 

                                              Surya  Archana                      $18

                                              Surya Namaskara                 $54  


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