​​Daily Arathi Timings :

Morning  (Kakad Aarati) -  9:00 am      Night  (Sej Aarati) - Mon, Tue,Wed, Fri,Sun- 6.30 pm
Noon  (Madhyan Aarati) -  12:00 noon                                        Thursday / Saturday -6.30 pm
Evening  (Dhoop Aarati) -    5:30 pm          


shirdi sai baba temple pittsburgh, pa

                    Temple OPEN for DARSHAN only
Dear Devotee,    Temple OPEN for Darshan DURING  Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 9:00am  to   7:00pm. Walk- ins are allowed, JOIN US ON ZOOM for SPECIAL Services.  Aratis on Thursday https://www.baba.org/zoom-live-.html

"Serving Hands are more dear to GOD than praying lips"      - Sai Baba  

Annadanam in India - Blessings to all the donors and supporters,  We are doing Annadanam from our Vedapatasala's.  We teamed up with local organizations to distribute food  to the needy.   We plan to continue to support for those in need.  Donate generously  and  be  part of the NARAYANA SEVA. 


                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS - April 2021
Samvatsaram: Sri Sarvari / Sri Plava;  Ayanam:Uttarâyanam   Mâsam: Phalgunam till Apr 11th / Chaitram

  Rutuvu : Vasanta 

  HAPPY UGADI   -  Monday  April  12th, 2021 

         Temple  is Open  for UGADI  - 9am - 12.30pm  and  5.00pm - 7.30pm 

Support the Temple with a monthly sustaining donation  

                           - Jai Sai Ram!