​​Daily Arathi Timings :

Morning  (Kakad Aarati) -  9:00 am      Night  (Sej Aarati) - Mon, Tue,Wed, Fri,Sun- 6.30 pm
Noon  (Madhyan Aarati) -  12:00 noon                                        Thursday / Saturday -6.30 pm
Evening  (Dhoop Aarati) -    5:30 pm          


shirdi sai baba temple pittsburgh, pa

                    Temple OPEN for DARSHAN only
Dear Devotee,    Temple OPEN for Darshan DURING  Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 9:00am  to   7:00pm. Walk- ins are allowed, JOIN US ON ZOOM for SPECIAL Services.  Aratis on Thursday https://www.baba.org/zoom-live-.html

Celebration of Yugâdi  at Home It is advised  to take abhyangana snâna (oil bath) in the early hours and offer the daily prayers.

The Cabinet & Portfolios for 2021-2022 “Sri Plava”
1.King- Kuja(Mars)  2.Prime Minister-Budha(Mercury) 3.Commander General of Army                                                                                                  -Kuja (Mars) 
4.Controller of Nourishement       -Sani (Saturn)
5.Controller of Clouds                    -Kuja (Mars) 
6 Controller of Water                     -Kuja (Mars) 
7.Controller  of  Harvest & Grains          -Guru (Jupiter)
8.Controller of  Rasadhipati(ghee..)      -Chandra  (Moon)
 9.Controller of weaknesses                    -Sukra (Venus) 

Navanayaka-Out of 9 planets 3 are good 6 are benign 

Out of 20 parts of rain, 9 parts are on ocean, 9 parts are on mountains, 2 parts on plain land. 

According to Baarhaspatya maana (Based on rotation of Jupiter) the name of the year is  Anand.

Solar Eclipses: June 10th, 2021    -Visible in USA.
                           Dec     4th, 2021    -Not visible in USA

Lunar Eclipses: May 26th, Nov 19th - Visible in USA 

PUSHKARA:   November 2nd   -   13th, 2021
River Sindhu NADHI  Pushkaram takes place during the transit of Bruhaspati (Jupiter) into Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius Zodiac Sign). This river is in Pakistan  so in Haridwar and  Kasi  Snana sankalpa is taken to take bath in the river (Pushkara Snanam). Tarpanam will be offered to forefathers.

General  Predictions of  Sri Plava  (2021-22)-In Plava nama Samvastsara Prayers to Lord Siva, Subrahmanya, Durga  & Anjaneya  is  recommended as Kuja(Mars) is in the  King, Commander General of Army and Controller of Cloud & Water. Due to the effects of  Kuja : 1)  Fear of  fire, war  in people will increase. 2)  Due to Guru crops  and  animals will be well. 3) Due to Saturn Gold, Silver, Copper   oil , honey , jaggary prices will be stabilized.4.) Due to Buddha family relationships between wife and husband will becomes better.

Druga Saptasathi Parayana & Homam Recommended.  Rudrabhisheka & homas are suggested. Ishta & Kula devata Prardhana is must. Navagraha sthothram Parayana and donation Donate  Red gram and red cloth  for Kuja is recommended.

Apr 21 Wed  Sri   Rama Navami  Navaratri ends 
   Sri Rama Navami Full Sponsorship                      $154
                           Sri Rama Nama Homam                 $108 
                  Sri  Sita Rama Kalyanam                         $54

Apr 23 Fri Kamada Ekadasi 

Apr 24 Sat Sani  Pradosham
Sani Trayodasi -Full Sponsorship  $154  
10.30 am Shani Taila   Abhishekam $54
11.00am  Shani Homam                   $108
       Siva Archana                              $18 

Apr 26  Mon Chitra Poornima 
Lord Chitra Gupta Birthday - Homam $126
Hanumat Jayanti(North Indian Sampradaya)
Hanumat Jayanti Full Sponsor        $154 

Apr 29  Thurs  Vikata Sankatahara Chaturthi
      9.30  am   Ganapathi  Abhishekam  $54
  10.00 am   Ganapathi  Homam           $54
   6:30  pm “GA” kara Sahas ram         $36

             CALENDAR OF EVENTS - April  2021
Samvatsaram: Sri Plava;  Ayanam:Uttarâyanam

 Mâsam: Magham till Mar 12th / Phalgunam; 

Rutuvu :Sisira 

Apr 7  Wed Papmochan Ekadasi

Apr 8 Thurs Pradosham
              Trayodasi -Full Sponsorship                    $154  

Apr 9  Fri  Masa Sivaratri 
      Masa Sivaratri Full Sponsorship         $154


Apr 11 Sun  Amavasya 

Apr 12 Mon Chandramana Ugadi  - Sri  PLAVA 
                     Ugadi  Full Sponsorship:  $154
                     9.30am Sri Shirdi Sai Abhishekam                                  10.30am Navagraha Homam                
                    6.00 pm Panchanga Sravanam & Sej Arathi

                   Vasantha Navaratri Begins 

Apr 13 Tue  Souramana Ugadi - VISHU   

Mesha  Sankramanam 6.30 pm Vedapatanam   $21  

Apr 14 Wed Krittikâ deepam      6 oil lamps       

Apr 17 Sat  Sri Panchami     Full Sponsor                 $154
Sri Lakshmi Jayanthi  - Mahalakshmi Abhishekam   $36 
                  10.30 am  Sri Maha Lakshmi  Homam     $126

         Sri Sai Archana $11 /  Sahasranamam               $21

Sri  Maha Lakshmi Rajatha Pushpa Archana             $27

Apr 18 Sun  Masa Skanda Shashti 

Apr 20 Tues Masa Durgastami