​​Daily Arathi Timings :

Morning  (Kakad Aarati) -  9:00 am                Noon  (Madhyan Aarati) -  12:00 noon   

Evening Arati -5.30pm                                     Night  (Sej Aarati) 7.00 pm


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Temple  Timings   2021 -     ​Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri   9 am to 1 pm; Thursday - 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
                                ​     ​ Saturday & Sunday    9.00 am to 7.30 pm

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Dear Embodiment's of Divine Love:


      Sri SaiBaba shower His Galloping Grace upon  all us who graciously donated,  supported and contributed to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple - Pittsburgh for the past 28 years both in donations and services.                              Jai Sairam!   

                 ​​​​My Life Is My Message - Vedam - Yagnam - Annadanam




Vedam: The temple has established Veda Patasaalas -Kakinada, Puttaparthy in Andhra Pradesh and other locations ( Varanasi - kasi) in Indian. 

Yagnam: By the Grace and Command of Sai Baba we have rendered Universal Peace Yagna since  1990 in India and USA. 

​Annadanam: Feeding the hungry is the greatest gift of all gifts. Lots of needy people have been fed during the past  years till date. Vastra daanam (Clothes) were also distributed to the needy over the years.

   By the Grace of Baba and your support the Temple devotees will continue these programs. 

"May Baba Bless us all! Peace be to all.  Help Ever, Hurt Never.  Love all, Serve all"                                       - Saint  Brahma Sri Panduranga Malyala & Yogini Smt Maha Lakshmi  

​"It is an honor and  privilege to be ordained in SAI Seva, and to continue the divine work"

                        - Sri Veera Venkata Raghavaanand Malyala & Smt Pallavi

"Behind  every inspiration their is a divine will"

                                                                         - Jai Sairam 

Divine Encounter:  The founder, established the 1st Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in USA, Saint Vajeepeya  Sri Panduranga Rao Malyala was blessed with the darshan of Baba not once but twice before he moved to the United  States and got into His path.  Here are his experiences in his own words:

It was in January, 1970 I came from my office at about 1:30pm home for my lunch.  There was a person sitting on the front porch. He had a beard and was smoking beedi (cigarette).  He looked very suspicious to me.  When I was ready to go into the house the Fakir said: I was sent by Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.  He wants to conduct a yagna in Puri Jagannadha. He asked me Dakshina of 10 coconuts or equivalent money for the 10 coconuts.  The entire conversation was Hindi language.  I replied, “I do not have anything”.  The fakir said with very loving and sweet voice, “my dear son why are you lying? You have fifty rupees in your pocket and they are all new ten rupee notes which you withdrew from the bank on the way home”.

     Though I was surprised, still I did not want to give him 10 rupees.  I decided to give only 5 rupees, I tried to get change from neighbors.  Failing upon to get change, I reluctantly gave him 10 rupees though only wanted to give 5 rupees.  Then the Fakir asked me to open my hand and created VIBHUTI (holy ash) and poured it in my palm.  Then he closed my hand and advised me to go inside the house and open my hand.  My wife was observing what was happening.  I opened my palm in front of my wife.
  The VIBHUTI became a rose flower to our dismay... Fakir advised me to keep that safely.  HIS SWEET VOICE AND THIS INCIDENT TRIGGERED MY HEART AND OPENED MY EYES AND BROUGHT CHANGE IN MY LIFE. 


      It was December, 1973.  I was sitting outside the home translating the Vaastu Sastram (city Planning from Sanskrit to English).  It was Sunday morning at 9:30 am While my neighbors watching from their balconies, one young man wearing koupinam, Rudra garlands his neck and Vibhuti along with Danda and Kamanndalam (wooden stick and water pot) entered into my house.  I did not observe as I am facing the Sun and enjoying the sunshine and immersed in my translation job.  My wife came and told me that Sai Baba came.  He again conversed with me in Hindi language.  His face was glowing.  I had no doubt in my mind.  He was like a young SHIVA(DATTA) of age 16.  He asked me again Dakshina (donation) as he is going to conduct a Yagnam in Puri Jagannadh.

    This time without hesitation I asked him “how much you want”. Then he said “Give me all what you have “. I just opened the steel drawer and cash chest and gave all to Him .  He was very much pleased.  He poured Vibhuti creating from his hand into my palm.  He asked me to close the palm and open it in front of my wife.  My parents were in the kitchen.  Generally they were all suspicious of this kind of Monks and saints.  I opened the palm and became as Red Kumkum (Turmeric powder mixed with red pigment).  I spoke loudly kumkum, kumkum.  Then he said do not speak loudly.  Keep this in pocket and clothes.   BABA told that HE will send me to the United Sates of America to do HIS WORK (Divine Service).  HE walked out of my house and flew into the sky while all people were looking from their houses.  I was working as an Assistant Director of Town Planning, Government of Andhra Pradesh, and Hyderabad, India at that time.

    Finally as per HIS word I came to USA on September 21,1976.  Sri Shiridi Sai Baba Temple (organization) started in 1979 on the orders and guidance of Sai Baba.  Several Yagnas and services are being performed in the USA & India for the welfare of the denizens of all the worlds from 1982 until today.

    The meaning of TEN RUPEES DAKSHINA is to give 10 SENSES.  In short BABA’s main objective of taking donation (DAKSHINA) from his devotees is to teach the  lessons of Renunciation & Purification.


Aum Santhi, Shanthi, Shanthi  (Peace, Peace, Peace)