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Go (Cow) Seva
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Go Seva - Goshala


All beings in the entire universe depend on food. Food comes from rain. Rain comes from Yagna. Yagnas are rendered with Veda mantras and cows ghee.Through their tapascharya ascetism, pravrutti Cognition and Dyana Meditation, the ancient seers of India established harmony between physical sciences and the Vedic inscriptions. The present day educated people of India exhibit a stand-offish attitude to Vedic pronouncements. They opine that these theories were not arrived through experimentation but only by cognition. But, now the western scientists are coming into grips with the vitality of the Vedic sciences.

Why Cow Protection?

When the bull and cow are in a joyous mood, it can be construed that the people of the world are also in joyful mood.The human society must, therefore, protect these two most precious animals so they can wander about with no worries and with all cheer.

Cow In Vedas:

 In the Vedas, Cow is called Aditi, Dhenuvu, Aghnaaya etc. ‘Cow is referred in the Rg Veda 723 times, in Yajurveda 87 times, In Sama Veda 170 times, in Athrava Veda 331 times-total 1331 times. Similarly 20 times in Rg Veda, 5 times in Yajurveda, 2 times in Sama veda and 33 times in Athrava veda the word Aghnaaya specifically addressed to cow. "Dhenu" is used 76 times in Rg Veda, 22 times in Yajurveda, 25 times in Sama Veda, 43 times in Atharva Veda. The meaning of Dhenu is which gives Trupti (Contentment and satisfaction).

Kaama Dhenuvu -Cow is wish fulfilling sacred animal:
There many uses of cow-1.Milk 2.Cream3.Yogurt 4.Butter 5.Ghee 6.Residue after making yogurt, and 7. residue of the ghee (like crystals)they are called as Godavari 8. Butter milk 9.Cow urine as purifier and medicinal uses 10.Cow dung is scientifically proven to be antibiotic, anti- nuclear radiation and anti-septic. Manure is used as fertilizer 11.Cow horns are being used in manufacturing combs 12. Cow skin for manufacturing of shoes 13.Cow manure is used for Yagnas like Putra Kaameshti, Varshesti(Varsha Yagna) 14. The cow manure is used in preparing gober gas 15.The air pollution will be controlled by the smoke of the yagnas when cow dung cakes are being used in the fire.16. Many sweets and milk products. So every part of the cow’s body is being used for the welfare of the mankind. She is soft and revered animal. They are like our kids and friends. Wherever she is tied she will stay, wherever we send she will go. We have to protect them from cruelty.

Personal Experience:

When I was about 10 years old, one day the caretaker of cows did not show up. So my father advised me to clean the gosala(Cow shed) and pick up the cow manure. My ego popped up that I was studying English, why should I clean the cow shed?
Then my father revealed that the Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth) is lives in cow manure and cow urine. Therefore I should not hesitate to clean and serve the cows. I understood his point and cleaned the cow shed joyfully and removed the cow manure to a stacking place.


Cow manure and Goddess Lakshmi Devi : Maha Bharatam-Anusasanika Parvam 83rd Adhyaya (Kaama Dhenuvu)-written by Veda Vyasa
(Cow is superior than Goddess of Wealth)

Once Goddess Mahalakshmi visited the cows. They bowed before her, and asked, "Please let us know who are you? Why did you come here?" The Goddess said, "I am Sridevi Goddess of Wealth. I want to live with you." The Cows said, "You are not stable; so, we do not want you to mingle with us." Goddess Lakshmi felt ashamed and said, "My dear cows! Devatas do penance to me. When I was not with them, the demons annihilated them. The success of Devatas is only due to me. I came here on my own free will. Is it fair to insult me?" Cows refused to recognize Her presence; they said it was not meant to be an insult that they did not accept Her. Goddess Lakshmi said that if the cows refuse Her, nobody would accept Her. She surrendered to the cows absolutely. Then cows said, " O! Lakshmidevi! You are a resplendent diamond among all women. Our manure and urine are very pure. Vedas also confirm it. So, Kindly stay in them and provide joy to us." Goddess Mahalakshmi accepted the offer. Urine and manure of a cow are the purest things.

​Pancha gavyam: Mixture of cow’s milk, yogurt, ghee, urine, manure and kusa(Grass) water, chanting Narayana Suktam will cleanse the body, mind, intellect, bones, and souls. Certain type of sins can be emancipated by Pancha gavya only. In the Yagnas, devotees take Pancha gavya everyday before beginning of the Yagna, for cleansing.

Legislation prohibiting Cow slaughter: Agricultural and milk products are the main ingredients for human existence. Balarama and Krishna took charge of these two. Balarama took the plough and Krishna earned the title Gopala ( protector of cows). Krishna killed the king Kamsa because Kamsa encouraged the cow slaughter.

​Vedas, Ayurvedic texts of Charaka, Sushruta and Salihotra, Manusmriti, Bhrihat-samhita, Agni Purana and Vishnu Dharmottara puranas discussed extensively cattle science and animal husbandary. Since Vedic times, we loved cattle, reared ,loved worshiped them. Cattle wealth is considered to be a sign of prosperity in Bharat.

From ancient times non-violence is considered as most precious virtue and animals and cow were protected by various dynasties of Inca, Maya, Aztec, Kuru etc. till Muslim invasion. Emperor Ashoka constructed many animal hospitals, shelters and nourished the cows and animals.

COW SEVA - Donation

Babar wrote a letter to Humayun , substance of which was : "Let us thank God. My dear son! In our Bharat many people with different dharmas co-exist. God gave power to rule them. Do not succumb to lower nature and respect all faiths and mainly protect Cows (Go) and see that the cows are not slaughtered. If you follow this rule you will be loved by Hindus. Do not destroy the temples and worship places". Humayun respected his father’s words and ruled.

Akhbar in 1586 A.D. consulted the then Moulvees and enacted the Law prohibiting cow slaughter. The copy of this enactment is still safe in the Gwalior sansthanam (library). One can try to retrieve it and if any one helps us in this endeavor, Baba will bless him/her.

The substance of the Law is :
"All animals are useful and the whole society profits with His creation. Out of all, cows are most useful and beneficial. Humans and animals live on food (grains and other products). For these, oxen (children of cows) are needed to plough the land. There are many benefits from cows.For all human and animal existence cows are the real source.
Therefore cow slaughter is prohibited in my kingdom. If anybody violates this law their fingers will be chopped and also be hanged.

Jehangir and Shah jahan respected this law. Aurangajeb became a fanatic and violated this law and slaughtered cows openly.

Chatrapathi Sivaji killed a person who was selling cow meat (Beef). By the grace of Saint Samarth Ramadas he established a Maratha kingdom.

During the English rule cow slaughter was rampant . The bullets were covered with cow fat . In 1857 there was a brahmin boy by name Mangal Pandey in the British Army. He was passing thro’ a village and was thristy. He saw lady drawing water from a well and asked for water. Then she said my brother! The smell of cow fat emanating from your mouth and hands. Shall I make my water impure by giving the water to you? These words pierced boy’s heart. These words finally made him to revolt against the British. In 1857 first bullet against the British was fired. In conclusion the independence movement of Bharat started from the Cow Protection.

In 1191 Mohammad Ghori came to invade from Iran with 25,000 army of horsemen. When they were going towards Delhi-just 4000 Rajput army (devotees and worshippers of cow) stopped them for 3 months at Bhatinda durga. In the mean time the Delhi emperor Pruthviraj Chowhan prepared the big army and joined the Chitodghad Maharana Samara Simha army. Great war took place at Dhaneswar on the banks of Saraswati river . Mohammad Ghori was taken as a prisoner to Delhi. Then Pruthviraj asked Mohammad Ghori how we have to treat you? Then Mohammad Ghori replied with folded hands and shame with looking down said treat me as a cow and forgive me. Then Maharana Samara Simha questioned with surprise are you a cow? Then Pruthviraj with compassion said "you are forgiven since you said that you are a cow." Since Hindus (Bharateeyas will not harm a cow). But unfortunately he repeated 17times for invasion.

According to Bhagavadgeeta that inadvertent compassion is wrong and now the country is suffering and cows are being slaughtered mercilessly.

Even after this incident Maharana Ranajit Singh, Maharani Sindhia etc... in their treaties with British made a rule that English army men who eat beef and kill the cows shall be removed from army. As time passes the devotion , protection and respect to cows is declining.

After independence during Congress rule cow slaughter became a business and due to this negligence the country is suffering with sorrow, disease and pains. Not only for beef but also for skin of cows for army shoes recently many cows are being slaughtered.

Most of the mental retardation and depression are due to eating of beef in the world.

Recently Gujarat Chief minister Sri Narendra Modi enacted a legislation prohibiting cow slaughter in that state. 

Conclusion: Every Bharateeya shall stop eating beef and encourage others NOT to eat beef. Recently many thanked me for advising them not to eat meat and said they lost lot of weight on that count. Also make every effort to support legislation prohibiting the cow slaughter in Bharat.

Everybody shall make effort to foster cows and nourish them in their own villages in India. Also provide cow feeding shelters. This is equivalent  to Aswamedha yagna according Vedas.(Go rakshana saalas).

​The Temple supports Two (2) Go Saalas with over 25 cows, please support by giving to the GO-SEVA FUND.  Your donation will provide food and maintenance for the cows. Also the milk produced by the cows is used to feed the CHILDREN in the Veda Pata Saalas.  ​


Gava Mangeshu tishnti bhuvanani chaturdasa 

  All the 14 worlds reside in Cow(Sruti - Vedam).
Cow is the chief source of nourishment of every being.

  - Saint Sri Panduranga Malyala

Go (Cow) Shala