Seela Narasimha Rao: Narasimha Rao is another daily laborer who suffered a devastating paralysis attack nine months ago. He has been struggling financially since then and cannot afford his medicines. He is in dire need of financial assistance.

​​Few organizations and individuals have helped So far. 

KEERTHI'S TREATMENT: The most dreadful news any parents can here is about their children's health.

Keerthi's parent's unfortunately had to hear the news that their 5-year-old only daughter was diagnosed

with blood cancer.

Doctor's advised bone marrow transplant. The treatment costs 40 lakhs, and the family has to pay in a week.

At present, she is admitted in CMC Vellore. She is having a really tough time, and her health is deteriorating at

an alarming level Offer a helping hand to support 5 year old keerthi's treatment.  Let us open our hearts and help Keerthi. 

May Baba's blessings be with you always.     Jai Sai Ram!

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Rainbow Kitchen Community Services

Manikonda Akshaya in 2022

​Pujitha  in 2022

Prosthetics, or artificial limbs for needy 

Godavari floods in 2022 

Covid-19 lockdown Appeal - INDIA   in 2020 

SRI LANKA hurricane  in 2020

Nagaraju in 2019 - Caretaker of Cows  - Back to work taking care of  Cows

in Kakinada Go shala. 

Kartik  Lanka in 2016  -   Kartik is doing good and recovered. 

Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey Victims in 2017

Chennai flood   in  2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015  

Hud Hud in 2014 

Abdul Parveen is a 32-year-old woman, suffering from severe cardiac problems. Her husband works in a cycle shop, earning merely Rs. 300 ($4) per day. They cannot afford her medical bills, resulting in her deteriorating health.

Moses: Moses is a 60-year-old former gym trainer suffering from liver disease. He needs financial assistance for medical bills and groceries. 


Dear Sai Family - embodiments of divine Love,  One of our mission's goals is to "0Ease the suffering through prayers and support." Temple is working with organizations in India solely dedicated to helping the needy. We are taking up a few cases every month where we can help poor and needy individuals by paying their hospital expenses and providing them with monthly medicines, etc...
We also give wheelchairs to bedridden patients and tricycles to handicapped people who want to commute to their small businesses and lead dignified lives.
We also construct minimal pucca houses for old people who do not have children and receive no help from family members.
Only through your kind financial generosity, are these projects possible. Whatever amount you donate shall definitely bring about change in someone’s life. Together, we can change a person’s life for the better. Below are some of the causes we are working on. Please make a one-time donation or sustaining monthly donation towards the Humanitarian Seva.

Mangina Ravi: Ravi is a 65-year-old man suffering from paralysis for the past 4 years. he lives in this dilapidated shack and is constantly exposed to wind and rain. We need help constructing a small, minimal pucca house for him.

Evana Radhakrishna: Radhakrishna is a daily laborer, and the only breadwinner in the family. Four months back, the family suffered a huge loss when he met with an accident, which paralyzed him from his waist, stopping the household income completely. He needs help paying medical bills and buying groceries.

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Shirdi Sai Saba Temple
Pittsburgh, PA

Chegondi Naga Srinivas: Srinivas is suffering from paralysis for the past 10 years. He has been unable to support his family, and his wife works as a peon for minimum wages. He needs help paying medical bills.



Humanitarian Seva