Bhadrapada Masam  -  Sri Ganesh Chathurthi 
Thursday Sep 9th - Friday Sep 10th, 2021

Bhadrapada Sukla  Chavithi -  Ganesh Chathurthi
Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayaka Vratam

Correction on THURSDAY Sep 9th-6.30pm

Vrata Prasadam : Blessed Kumkum & Vibhudhi        

Ganapathi & Baba Abhishekam 

on Friday   Sep 10th,  2021 at  10.30 am    

Dear Sai family,   Wish you all a happy Ganesh Chaturthi, 
Lets all pray Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayaka to remove our obstacles seen and unseen and bless us all.   Jai Sai Rām.
Special Program on Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi Full Sponsorship : $252      Prasadam - Blessed Silver Ganesha  

Ganapathi Abhishekam $54

11.30 am - Ganapathi Homam - $54

5.00 pm - Ga Kara Sahasranamam with Garika -$36

6.30 pm - Sri Vara Siddhi Vinayaka Vratam - $54
Vrata Prasadam : Blessed Kumkum, Katha Akshatas Vibhudhi  

7.00 pm - Dasa Vidha Arathis & Jyothi Arathi -$54

                                          Jai Ganeshaya namaha!

Sri Siddhi Buddhi Vinayaka Yagnam 
y Sep 10th to Sunday Sept 19th, 2021 
The Yajna is performed to remove obstacles and disappointments, for wisdom,

progressive evolution and stability.

​Click  on the link to Sponsorship: 
Sponsorship for entire Yagna: $252 - Yagana Prasadam: Ganesha 

Day Puja (japa, homa, abhisheka, tarpana) $126

Ganapathi Abhishekam $54

Flower Service $60

Ganapathi  Sahasranama Archana $21

Ganapathi Ashtottara Archana $11

GA KARA Sahasranama $54  
Offer Undrallu (21)- $21  


                                                                         VARA VARADA SARVA JANAMME VASAMAANAYA SWAHAA

SREEM: represents the goddess of fortune.    ;    HREEM: represents maya the power of illusion.   ;  KLEEM: represents the form of joy, of pleasure.

GLAUM: is Ganapathi as giver of mental power ;   GAM: Ganapathi, the unity of microcosm and macrocosm

                                                     GAM GANAPATAYE VARA VARADA SARVA JANAMME VASAMAANAYA SWAHAA.   
May all the denizens of all the worlds be Happy.
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Sri Siddhi Buddhi Ganapathi Kalyanam 

Sunday September 12th, 2021

Prasadam -  Blessed Talambrala Akshintalu & Kumkum  

    Devata Kalyanam Sponsorship - $54 

Significance of Devata  Kalyanam:    Bestows good fortune and a happy  marriage.    


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