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Shirdi Sai Saba Temple
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  Kartika Sukla Dwadasi   -  Ksheerabdi Dwadasi

                     Friday Nov 4th, 2022


               Full Sponsorship Ksheerabdi Dwadasi  :$154 

              11.00 am Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam $54

                             10.00 am Tulasi Homam $54

                             6.30 pm Tulasi Puja $21

                       ksheerabdi Dwadasi Vratam  $54

                   Special Kartika Deepa Danam - $21  

Ksheerabdi Dwadasi is an auspicious day in the month of Karthik, also called as Chiluka Dwadasi. It falls on 12th day of Karthik month. Lord Vishnu sleeps on Ashada Shudda Ekadasi, after four months of cosmic sleep he wakes up, this day is well known as Uthana Ekadasi which falls before the day of Ksheerabdi Dwadasi. So Ksheerabdi Dwadasi is considered as a special day.

On this day Tulasi and Indian gooseberry (amla) plants are worshipped.  It is believed that Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi Devi and Lord Brahma reaches Brindavan. Therefore who ever performs pooja to Lord Vishnu on this day with whole hearted dedication and Bhakthi will be blessed with good health, wealth and prosperous life.

During Ksheera Sagara Mathanam (churning of milk ocean), many things erupts out such as Kamadhenu (cow), Kalpa vriksham, Iravatham (White elephant), Amrutam (nector) and  Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu married Goddess Lakshmi on this day which makes it an auspicious day.

In Karthik month, lighting lamps (diyas) is considered as tradition. There is a significance to light lamps on Dwadasi, Chathurdasi and Pournami days. The lighting of lamps on this day itself gives infinite punyam (virtue) to everyone.

So, performing pooja to the Tulasi plant on this day is a very pure, divine good deed.

married women perform Ksheerabdi Dwadasi pooja on this auspicious day which involves special offerings after the recital of Tulasi Ashtottaram and Ksheerabdi Dwadasi Vrata Katha along with special deepaaradhana or lighting of earthen lamps.

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