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Mahalaya  Paksha -Hiranya Shraddha (Tarpanam)Friday September 29 - Saturday October 14, 2023

*  Tarpana and Hiranyashraddham to be performed IN PERSON on the thidhi of the departed.

**  If not able to do in person, Deva Rishi Tarpanam and annadana will be performed.   **  

 Why Should We perform Tarpana or Sraddha to our Forefathers? 

     Tarpanam is the oblations/Offerings to the dead ancestors. In general Tarpanam means “offering which satisfies”. The Pitru devatas since they have left the world are solely dependent on only their progeny to feed them. This feeding is done through Tarpanam.  Hence ‘tarpan’ is done on Amavasya days and special occasions.

     It is believed that if Tarpanam is not done, Pitru devas will curse us so that we may not have male descendants to offer Tarpanam to us. Most of the families have problems and unhappiness caused due to neglecting and forgetting the fore fathers.  Their restless spirits wander in pain, hunger and thirst  that causes miscarriages  loss or lack of children and mental health. Therefore in order to appease and get blessings from fore fathers everyone should offer food to the departed souls. 

Offering tarpanam is very important for our progeny, happiness and mental well being..    

     The temple is specially conducting Hiranya (Aama) shraddha in the Mahalaya Paksha.  Avail this service to get blessings. 

Click  on the link for MAHALAYA AMAVASYA:​     Mahalaya paksha Full Sponsorship - $108


Tarpanam  - $21;    Hiranya Shraddha -  $36 (should be done in person) 

    *Annadanam in the name of the departed is also suggested.*  

For further information call temple at 412 374 9244.

When Can we offer tarpanam to  our  Loved ones?

1. Forefathers (Father, Mother, Grand & great  fathers & mothers)                        

                             - Same thithi ( the day of their passing)

2. Before the 1st  abdhikam (Yearly Ceremony)                

                           - Chavithi  or Panchami thithi

3. For Wife - Avidhava Navami     -on Navami thithi       
 Offer Sumangala dravyas (
Saree, blouse,Kumkum, Turmeric).

4. Before 10 years or Upanayana                                                                         - on Dwadasi

5.Departed before their time(Untimely & Unnatural)                                     - on Chaturdasi 

6. OFFER  Annadanam or (Bhojanam) to 5              people representing           

1. Vishnu (Adhi devata of Pitru); 
2. Visway devatha - who is representing  ancestors 
3. Pitru devatha -   Representing forefathers           
4. Mata Maha - Representing Maternal side
5. Sarvakarunya - Relatives of both sides 

Items to bring  - Rice, Daals (Moong, Toor, Urad), Vegetables, salt, tamarind, Jaggery,  Ghee, Coins. 

3 generations names and gotram  (ie.  Father, Grandfather, Great-grandfather,  if known) .  Please send the names when you sponsor.

Mahalaya  Paksha -Hiranya Shraddha (Tarpanam)

Friday September 29 - Saturday October 14, 2023

Mahalaya(Pitru) Paksham & Its Significance: 

     King Sanjaya performed putra kameshti ((Prayers to God for bestowing children) for a son who can produce gold at will. In due course of time, he was blessed with a son who was named as Suvarna Ishti. Everything about the child was gold except the sweat, spit and other natural excreta. The king built golden palaces and abodes where even the toilets were made of gold. Shortly, some thieves came to know of the little prince’s prowess, and stole him from the palace. They took him to the forest and foolishly thinking that there would be gold in the child’s stomach, cut his stomach open. Finding nothing in the stomach they left the dead body and went away. The unhappy King Sanjaya lived for some more years and reached Brahmaloka after his death. There he was offered food made of gold, because of his yearning for gold. After going hungry for a couple of days he complained to Brahma who explained the reason, but allowed him to go back to earth for 15 days. He said that the king must talk to his subjects about greed, and what it leads to. The reformed king accordingly spent the time in advising his subjects the importance of shraddha. Also offer special feast for the brahmins that conducted the shraddha for them and the needy who partake on behalf of the ancestors and other invited gods. Wealth earned in the right way could bring solace and happiness, but greed can only cause misery. Let us not meditate for money and debase ourselves, and indulge in a million ways to amass wealth. 

     On the day of Mahalaya Paksham you make rice balls about 0.5 inches in diameter, after cooking drop these rice balls in milk; add sugar or jaggery. Khir (pudding) thus prepared shall be offered to Divine Mother for peace and protection. For spiritual upliftment, ghee lamps should be lit on banana stalk and set afloat in water.