​​Daily Arathi Timings :

Morning  (Kakad Aarati) -  9:00 am      Night  (Sej Aarati) - Mon, Tue,Wed, Fri,Sun- 6.30 pm
Noon  (Madhyan Aarati) -  12:00 noon                                        Thursday / Saturday -6.30 pm
Evening  (Dhoop Aarati) -    5:30 pm          


shirdi sai baba temple pittsburgh, pa

                    Temple OPEN for DARSHAN only
Dear Devotees,    Temple OPEN for Darshan DURING  Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 9:00am  to   7:00pm. Walk- ins are allowed, JOIN US ON ZOOM for SPECIAL Services.  Aratis on Thursday https://www.baba.org/zoom-live-.html

Krishna Chaturthi  -  Masa Sivaratri 

​     Masa Sivaratri  represents convergence of Shiva and Shakti.  Each month, Chaturdashi Tithi during Krishna Paksha is known as Masa Shivaratri.

Masa Sivaratri in month of Magha is known as Maha Shivaratri.  

     In the midnight of Maha Sivaratri, Lord Siva was appeared in form of Linga. Siva Linga was first worshipped by Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Hence Maha Sivaratri is known as birthday of Lord Shiva and devotees worship Siva Linga during Sivaratri.  It is auspicious to perform monthly 360 Sivalinga abhishekam,  after  11 months 12th in the month of Magha is MAHA SIVARATRI it is called Sivaratri Vratam .

     According to scriptures even Goddess Lakshmi, Indrani, Saraswati, Gayatri, Savitri, Sita, Parvati, Rati observed Sivaratri vratam and fast.

Masa Sivaratri

Masa Sivaratri  Full Sponsorship $154       

10.00 am  360 Sivalinga Abhishekam   $54

11.00 am  Sri  Sai Rudra Homam         $54

                 Siva Archana                         $18

Rudra Trisati  - $36

Siva Sahasranamam -$21

Jyothi Arati - $27 

  • Month                Date                    Day

  • April                   20                     Monday
  • May                    20                     Wednesday
  • June                   19                      Friday
  • July                    19                      Sunday
  • August               17                      Monday
  • September         15                      Tuesday
  • October             15                      Thursday
  • November         13                      Friday
  • December         13                      Sunday
  • January            11                      Monday
  • February           9                      Tuesday
  • March              11                      Thursday