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Shirdi Sai Saba Temple
Pittsburgh, PA

                 Kartika Sukla Chavithi -   Nâgula Chavithi 

                                  Friday Oct 28th, 2022

Devotees are welcome to offer milk to Naga vigraham in the temple. For fertility, overcoming pregnancy complications, removal of Naga (serpents) and Kuja(Mars) Dosha (inauspiciousness).

                         Offering a  gift of silver serpent is suggested. 

Nagula Chavithi Full Sponsorship - $126

9.30am  Abhishekam                            $54


10.00am Subrahmanya Homam         $54  

11.00am    Nagula Chavithi Puja         $25 

                 Subrahmanya Archana      $18

Offering of  Silver Snake       $25 

OFFER Special Prasadam   -  
Chimili, Chalimidi, Vadapappu - $11