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It is customary for the Hindus to place daily food preparations before the deities and offer to God. This is called Naivedyam. We do this with dedication and thereafter the food is called prasadam. This is our Hindu way of saying “ thank you “, to the Lord who gives us our daily food.This act  purifies the food.


Brahmarpanam brahma havir brahmaagnou brahmanaayutham

Brahmaiva taena gantavyam brahma karma samaadhina ( 4.24)   

-The ladle is God , the oblation is God, it is offered by God in the fire, which is God.

-God shall be attained by him who is absorbed in God as the act of such sacrifice.

Aham vais(h)vaanaro bhoothvaa praaninaam daehamaas(h)rithah
Praanaapaana samaayukthah pachaamyannam chathurvidham (15.14)

Becoming  fire of life in the bodies of living creatures and united with Prana (ingoing) and Apana (outgoing) breaths, I digest the four kinds of food. The four kinds of food are 
1 – that which is chewed by teeth – rice, vegetables etc
2 – that which is swallowed – milk etc
3 – that which is sucked – mango, sugar cane. The immovable beings such as trees etc receive food this way.
4 – That which is licked – honey etc.

Hari daataa  Hari bhoktaa   Hari annam prajaapatih
Hari sarva sharireshu        Bhunkte bhojayate Harih

Hari (God) is the giver (of food). Hari is the enjoyer.  Hari is both the food and Prajapati (creator).
Hari is abiding in all beings.  Hari eats and allows to eat.

We sprinkle water on the food, place a tulasi leaf and chant

Om bhoorbhuvassuvah amrutho(u)pasvaranamasi
Pranaya svaha apanaya svaha vyanaya svaha
Udanaya svaha samanaya svaha brahmane svaha

The three worlds are pervaded by the Lord, the creator. 
I offer this to prana (respiratory system)
I offer this to apana (excretory system)
I offer this to vyana (circulatory system)
I offer this to udana (reversal system)
I offer this to samana (digestive system)

we offer food at the feet of the Lord with the above mantra. Since we offer food to god, we know it is pure and best.

To sum up, anything offered to Lord with love becomes naivedyam.

Pathram pushpam phalam thoyam yo mae bhakthyaa prayachchathi
Thadaham bhakthyupahruthamas(h)naami prayathaathmanah (9.26)

Whoever offers me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I accept the pious offering offered by him with love.

Peace Mantra  - From Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 5:1:1

Om puurnam adah puurnam idam   Puurnaat puurnamudacyate 
Puurnasya puurnamaadaaya   Puurnam evaa vachishyate 
              Om shaantih shaantih shaantih

That is full; this is full.  The full comes out of the full.
Taking the full from the full  the full itself remains. 

 Aum , Peace, Peace, Peace.


                                           (Offering to Sai and other Deities)

Dear Devotees,

Sai Ram.  The Temple now has a Paricharika to prepare the Naivedyams to Sai Baba and other deities.  Devotees may sponsor the

following Naivedyams:  Vada Mala, Modaka, Appam or other offerings to Sai Baba, Ganesh, Subramanya, Anjaneya and/or the Divine mother.   

Please contact the temple at 412-374-9244  for further details.  




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Tamarind Rice
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