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     HAPPY  Chandramana Ugadi "Sri Krodhi" nama Samvatsara Subhakanshalu. 

How To make  Yugadi Pachadi? 
Neem flower chutney is part of the Ugâdi feast. The traditional recipe includes jaggery , neem flowers, tamarind paste, bananas, sugarcane pieces, mango pieces.  The recipe connotes that life is a combination of all tastes: good, bad, sour, bitter and sweet! Offer Pushpanjali to Sun. Then eat the Ugadi chutney before coffee or tea. 
      This is termed as Nimbakusuma Bhakshanam.
Shastras declare that eating  chutney enhances longevity, balances the negative effect of planets and provides prosperity.

Special Chandramana  Yugadi Celebrations
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Sri Chandramana Yugadi  “Sri Krodhi nama Samvatsaram"
Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Kashmiri New Year.

Chandramana Yugâdi  Celebrations at Home.

   It is customary to take  abhyangana snâna (oil bath) in the early hours and offer the daily prayers.

Sri Chandramana Yugadi Full Sponsorship: $154

Prasadam: Homa Raksha and blessed pendant.

9.30 am Sri Shirdi Sai Abhishekam $54

10.30 am Navagraha & Shirdi Sai Homam $54
Prasadam: Homa Raksha and blessed pendant.

06.00 pm Panchanga Sravanam Sej Arathi & Prasadam

All 3 Archana Sponsor: $27

Ganapathi Archana -11; Baba Archana -11; Lakshmi Archana -11

All 3 Sahasranama Archana: $54

Ganapathi Sahasranama Archana -21

Lakshmi Sahasranama Archana -21

Baba Saharanama Archana -21



                        PANCHANGA SRAVANAM   at 6.30 pm - 2024-2025

  Celebration of Ugâdi at Home It is advised to take abhyangana snâna (oil bath) in the early hours and offer the daily prayers.

Cabinet & Portfolios for 2024-2025 “Sri Krodhi “
1. King-  Kuja (Mars)
2. Prime Minister  3. Commander General of Army              
4. Controller of Nourishment, 5.Cloud Sani (Saturn) 
6 Controller of Water                           Sukra (Venus)
7. Controller of Harvest & Grains         Kuja (Mars)
8. Controller of  Rasadhipati (ghee..) Guru (Jupiter)
9. Controller of weaknesses                    Kuja (Mars) 

Navanayaka-Out of 9  planets 2 are good 7 are benign 
Out of 20 parts of rain, 10 parts are on ocean, 7 parts are on mountains, 2 parts on plain land 1 Vayu. 
According to Baarhaspatya maana (Based on the rotation of Jupiter), the name of the year is Pingala.

Solar Eclipses:April 8 Visible, Oct 2 Not Visible in USA                           
Lunar Eclipses:Mar 25 Visible, Sep 17-18   Visible in USA 

PUSHKARA: Narmada (Reva) Nadi  May,1 - May 12, 2024 
River NARMADA(REVA) NADHI  Pushkaram takes place during the transit of  Bruhaspati (Jupiter) in Vrushabha Rasi (Taurus Zodiac Sign). Tarpanam will be offered to forefathers and Puskara Snanam is done in ghats.  

General  Predictions of Sri Krodhi (2024-25) In India
Out of our 60 Hindu years  Sri Krodhi is 38th and adhipati is Sanichara. Pray Sanichara with adhidevata and Pratyadhi devata. 
     This year with the infulence of Brahaspathi the financial and intelectual growth will be there.  Rain will be less and   an increased chance of fires.  Central and state governments will be in debt.  There will be increased conflicts in the world and the threat of Wars. There will also be new diseases this year. 
     All will have some money dificulties.  Only 4% of 20% of crops will be successful.  Farmers will have a difficult year. Kubha Rasi has an increased chance of poor health, so it is recommended to keep an  healthy lifestyle. Those born under Satabisha Nakhastra will have good outcomes with anything they start this year.  
     For good health, prosperity, and financial stability it is advised to perform Archans to Lakshmi Ganapanthi, Venkateswara, Lakshmi Narsimaha, and Lord Siva.  
      Ganapathi, Hanuman, Rudrabhisheka and Homam recommended to appease Sani Maharaj (Saturn). Durga Saptasathi Parayana & Homam suggested. Guru, Sani graha archana all through the year will be beneficial for all. Ishta & Kula devata Prardhana, Navagraha sthothram Parayana is must.