​​Why this Yagna?

     Astrology is the science of driving living things by the stars. Illnesses, Enemies, Poverty, Imprisonment, Premature Deaths, Court Sufferings, Mental Anxiety.  All of these are the sorrows that we have inherited due to our birth time. We face challenges and face obstacles in our daily life and in various phases of life due to the sins we have done in our past life, the inherited negative karmic effects from our ancestors and due to the Pitru doshas or curses we had in our Horoscope. We can decipher them by reading individual horoscopes and do the Parihara kriyas suggested in the Vedic way to get relief and pacify the Navagraha’s to become more fortunate with a great longevity and bring success to our lives.
                   To overcome these and facilitate the way of life, our sages, through their asceticism, enlightenment and research, discover our destiny in life, to be freed from the karma experienced by the living being, to get rid of all imperfections, to attain peace-happiness, longevity, education-employment, occupation-business. The most important of these are doshas attributed to the birth stars. These stars are the ones that affect our life more than the Navagraha suffering. That is why every occasion in our life is decided to start based on the strengths of our respective stars for the success of that event. The Pancha Bhutas are the prime elements for the beings born on this planet in this boundless universe. These five physical powers are mainly based on the energy of the 27 stars in the universe, the energy of the planets, and the great solar energy. The 27 Nakshatras are split into 12 constellations and the motions of the 9 planets form the zodiac of life. Sri Suryanarayana is the lord of the Nakshatra- Rashi-Graha in this cycle of life.
    It is our intention to carry out the remedies prescribed in the Vedic manner in order to bestow peace and happiness to all who are in need, without any compromise in the procedures. It is impossible during the current situations to get these remedies done in a personalized process as it involves lot of time and investment. So, we have introduced this Sri Panchayatana Navagraha Nakshatra Paashupatha Yaga for everyone at large to reduce burden to individuals. It is our determination that everyone will always have access to a peaceful, happy, enlightened, and prosperous life.

                                                                                                  Sarvejanah Sukhinobhavanthu.

Together with Vachaspati Vaidika Samsthapanam & Vedamayee and in our Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Pittsburgh, we are performing WORLD PEACE YAGNA 2024 for peace and prosperity for all of our Sai Family.

                                      Reap the benefit by sponsoring the yagna for you and your family members.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jai Sairam 

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Shirdi Sai Saba Temple
Pittsburgh, PA


Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple (Pittsburgh) and Vachaspati Vaidika Samsthapanam & Vedamayee(Hyderabad India) 

Sri Panchayathana Nava Graha Nakshatra  Paashupatha Yagnam 

Thursday, May 9 - Thursday, June 6 Maha Poornahuthi  - 2024 

World Peace Yagana Full Sponsor: $1116 ;  Day Sponsorship - $126  

Sri Shirdi Sai World Peace Yagna 2024
Nakshatra Dates 

Viseha Homam 

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Thur, May 9 Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi 
RohiniFri, May 10Sri Maha Lakshmi 
MrugasiraSat, May 11Sri Manyu Paashupatha 
AarudraSun, May 12Surya Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
PunarvasuMon, May 13Chandra Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
PushyamiTues, May 14

Kuja Graha Moola Mantra Homam 

AashreshaWed, May 15Budha GrahaMoola Mantra Homam 
MakhaThur, May 16Guru Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
PoorvaPhalguniFri, May 17Shukra Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
UttaraSat, May 18Shani GrahaMoola Mantra Homam 
HasthaSun, May 19Rahu Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
ChittaMon, May 20Kethu Graha Moola Mantra Homam 
SwathiTue, May 21Sri Nava Graha Pasupatam

Wed, May 22Sri Medha Dakhinamurthy
VisakhaThurs, May 23Sri Chakara Archana $126/ Sri Suktha Homam  
AnuradhaFri, May 24Sri Chandi Homa
JyestaSat. May 25Sri Maha Saraswathi
MoolaSun, May 26Sri Maha Soura
PoorvashadaMon, May 27Sri Rudrabhisheka
UttarashadaTue, May 28Sri Swarnakarshana Bairava
SravanaWed, May 29Sri Maha Sudarshana
Dhanista, SatabhishaThur, May 30Sri Guru Datta
PoorvabhadraFri, May 31Kanya / Vara Paashupatha
Uttara BhadraSat, June 1Sri Dhanvanthari
RevathiSun, June 2Sri Subrahmanya Homam 
AshwiniMon, June 3Sri Bagalamukhi
BharaniTue, June 4Sri Lakshmi Narasimha

Wed, June 5

Sri Mrutyunjaya Paashupatha

Thur, June 6
Sri Vaarahi