Kârtika  Poornima


JWALATORANAM: For welfare of Cows and Calves (Animal welfare): A rope made-up of hay is Hung from two poles with wicks inserted in the rope. Devotees pass under the lighted wicks.

7.00 pm  Jyoti Arati & Jwala Toranam $108 

Temple  Timings   2021 -     ​Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri   9 am to 1 pm; Thursday - 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
                                ​     ​ Saturday & Sunday    9.00 am to 7.30 pm

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  Thursday  Nov 18th Kartika POORNIMA 

​​Daily Arathi Timings :

Morning  (Kakad Aarati) -  9:00 am                Noon  (Madhyan Aarati) -  12:00 noon   

Evening Arati -5.30pm                                     Night  (Sej Aarati) 7.00 pm

  Tuesday  Nov 16th / Wednesday Dec 1st, 2021 -  Kartika Sukla / Krishna Pradosham

      Monday Nov 15th, 2021 -  Ksheerabdi Dwadasi

10am  Tulasi Homam; 11am  Tulasi Vivaha  Tulasi Damodara Kalyanam; 6.30pm Tulasi Puja ksheerabdi Dwadasi Vratam

Kārtika Somavāram: Nov 8, 15, 22, 29     Kārtika Sanivāram: Nov 6, 13, 20, 27

 Full Sponsorship Abhishekam(9) :$154;     Abhishekam- $36    Siva Archana: $11


Full sponsorship of Rudra Homam(9)-$252 Homam -$54

Prasadam - Full Sponsors will receive  Panchamukha Rudraksha     

Kartika Sukla / Krishna  EKADASI 

    Sunday Nov 14th - Devutthana Ekadasi ;     Tuesday Nov 30th - Utpanna EKADASI 

33 Punnamula Nomu on Kartika Poornima

Vrata is performed near Tulasi mata, 33 rice flour deepam (diya) are lit and dosa (crepe) are offered.  Vrata katha is narrated and 33 diyas and dosa (crepe)  are given to 5 Sumangalis for deeragha Sowmangalyatvam(long life for husband).

  6.00 pm 33 Punnamula Nomu $54 


Significance: Kartika Poornima, In the evening people light 365 vattula (wicks)  in lord Shiva and lord Vishnu temple.  This signifies If a person lit 365wicks on Kartika Pornima, it is equal to doing puja on every day. People who cannot do puja everyday will light this lamp on Kartika Poornima.